Notice Received from Cold Springs Water Co.

Note from Sandra at CS Water Co.

Today I have mailed to all Cold Springs Water Co. customers a letter regarding a rate increase.  This rate increase is necessary as we can not continue to lose money as we have been for the past few years. This year we have had to trim expenses everywhere possible, including salaries and benefits. If we do not receive this rate increase it may be necessary to either sell to Del Oro Water Co. (they have tried to purchase us in the past) or be taken over by TUD. Either of these options will result in much higher water prices than we are requesting. I have included (attached below) a copy of Strawberry Water Co. rates as of Dec 2008. You can also view it at They will not operate a company in the red and have the means to get the rate increases they need. TUD also has similar rates for the small water companies it has taken over. As you can see our water prices will still be very reasonable for Tuolumne County. You need to compare our rates with other small mountain communities and not with companies from large metropolitan areas. I hope I have answered your questions as to why we must get this rate increase. I am leaving on vacation tomorrow and will not be back until August 31, with hope that I will come back with fewer questions on my phone.

Thanks, Sandra Cold Springs Water Co.

Strawberry Water Rates Dec 2008  (PDF 286 kb)

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