Can I get internet in Cold Springs?

Some homeowners can get internet through satellite, using HughesNet. However, you can't have trees in the sight line of the satellite in order to use this option. At this time, there are no other options for internet.

My cell phone doesn't work. How do I get a landline?

Contact AT&T for a landline. Note that they may have your address listed as Cold Springs, Pinecrest or even Long Barn.

Will my cell phone work in Cold Springs?

AT&T is installing a new cell tower located at the Cold Springs Market; it should be up and running in September 2020. If you have Verizon you MIGHT get some coverage here. Many do not. If your Verizon cell phone does not work at your cabin, it's a short trip up to the highway where you will get reception. 

How do I get my mail?

You can get a mailbox at the Cold Springs Market & Gas by applying at the Long Barn Post Office, 25955 Long Barn Drive.


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