CS Water, Revised Draft Resolution for Consideration of a Rate Increase

Please see attached for revised resolution.  The comment period is from today through March 11th.  Decision will be made by the PUC March 21st! 

Revised Draft  (pdf 558kb)

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Cold Springs Water – PUC Extends Comment Period to Feb 1

PUC Extension (PDF 8.39kb)

Please open above link to see e-mail message from CSPOA President Jason Reed and PUC Representative.

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Rate increase for Cold Springs Water as approved by the PUC

Final approval pending.  Click on link for details:


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Cold Springs Water Company – Facilities Tour Fri Nov 23rd 10am

The Cold Springs Water Company is providing a tour of the facilities that serve Cold Springs and Peter Pam.  The tour is set for the Friday morning after Thanksgiving, November 23rd to begin at 10am.

If you would like to join the tour be at the CS Water Company office at 10am.

Mark Van Hoomissen (cabin on Inyo and a member of the CSPOA Board of Directors) plans to participate.  If you have questions feel free to contact Sandra Tucker at the water company (209-965.3716) or Mark on his cell (916.417.2887) or in Cold Springs (209-965.3122).

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Pinecrest Post Office

Sept 18, 2012:  More news from Strawberry:  We are told that the USPS is having a meeting on October 23 at the Pinecrest Community Center (the Old Pinecrest School in Pinecrest) at 6:00 pm.  The topic will be the reduction of hours for the Pinecrest Post Office. Some Post Office staff tell us informally that they believe this is a precursor to closing the Pinecrest Post Office.  It appears that if Pinecrest is closed, options for mail service include clusters of boxes like we have in Cold, moving to the limited number of boxes at Strawberry or mail pick up in Mi-Wuk.  Some also think that it is also possible that the Strawberry Post Office could close.

On another matter, we are told by a representative of the Strawberry Fire Protection District that the Fire Fee bills for Tuolumne County will come out in December.  A line of argument is developing that properties in Strawberry/Cold Springs might not be in either “State Responsibility Area” nor a Federal one.  Existing agreements Due to an agreement with the Forest Service and CalFire we are a Direct Protection Area with the responsible agency being the Forest Service. This may make certain properties exempt from the Fee.  SFPD will keep us posted on developments and possible courses of action.

This information and views have not been independently investigated nor verified by CSPOA.

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Boy Scout Camp in Strawberry

Adjoiner Notice (PDF 708KB)

Cold Springs Property Owners

The Cold Springs Property Owners Association shares information with our neighbor association, Strawberry Property Owners Association.  They have passed on to us information about a proposed subdivision described, in part, by the County as:

1.         Ordinance for Zone Change RZ12-005 to rezone the 79.7± acre project site from K (General Recreation) to A-10 (General Agricultural, Ten Acre Minimum) under Title 17 of the Tuolumne County Ordinance Code.

2.         Tentative Parcel Map T12-013 to divide the 79.7± acre parcel into four 10.0± acre parcels and a 39.7± acre remainder, pending approval of the Zone Change to A-10.

The project site (see attached) is located at 30600 Old Strawberry Road, former site of the Berkeley/Contra Costa Boy Scout Camp (Camp Bray), Strawberry.  The northern boundary of the site is located 0.3± mile south of the bridge crossing the South Fork of the Stanislaus River on Old Strawberry Road.  The southern boundary is located 1.9± mile north of the southern junction of Old Strawberry Road and State Highway 108.  A portion of Section 20, Township 4 North, Range 18 East.  Assessor’s Parcel Number 24-030-10.

Strawberry Property Owners Association provides the following comments on subdivision application:

According to Alex Guilbert at Tuolumne County, there is still time to send in a letter of opposition to this development even though the due date is past, and he will consider input from properties outside of the 1,000 ft area of the project.  

Those of you that attended our Annual Meeting at Dodge Ridge in July heard about the need for any new development on this site to find it’s own water source, and SPOA is on record with the County making certain that any cost to find water or install a water system for this development is the responsibility of the property developer, and will not be part of the existing SPOA water fees. 

If you would like to send a letter to the County, attached is the County’s format, or you can write your own letter. You can either send it through the mail to:   

Alex Guilbert, Project Planner

Tuolumne County

2 South Green Street

Sonora, CA  95370

or email it to him at:  AGuilbert@co.tuolumne.ca.us

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Dear Members and Friends of Pinecrest:

In a letter dated August 15, 2012, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) stated that it has no authority over the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP). FERC has determined that PG&E’s filing of the SMP is informational only and FERC will not take action on it.

What does this mean?

1. The Forest Service has already approved PG&E’s SMP as submitted to FERC.

2. FERC has abandoned its responsibility to ensure that the provisions of PG&E’s license are met.

Our lawyer is working on developing a compelling case against both the Forest Service and FERC. Writing our own letters of complaint will greatly support his work. We must do this.

We know you are tired of this issue and want to get back to enjoying your time at Pinecrest. But without your continuing efforts, we will lose what is left to enjoy.

Your letter can simply be a repeat of the statements you made when you wrote your opinions about the Draft SMP.

Yes, the Final SMP makes a few changes to the Draft, but it’s still a bad Plan.

* The SMP claims it will be an “adaptive management” plan: we argue that the Plan should adapt to what we have now and go from there, not put a bad Plan into place and try to fix it down the road.

* The Forest Service cannot articulate its goals for this poorly conceived Plan.

* No verifiable problem statement exists.

* No data or studies support the SMP; it is not defensible.

* No environmental assessment has been done to determine how the SMP will affect recreation and socio-economics of Pinecrest.

* Since there are no starting data points, any data collected in the future will not be useful to determine if the Plan is working.

* 85 mooring balls on south shore and 15 near the marina do not take into account historical sailing club use, scout use, changing uses (like more kayaks), etc.

*  No data exists on numbers of boats launched at the public boat ramp or elsewhere around the Lake, all of which contributes to watercraft on the Lake and none of which has been taken into account in determining number of mooring balls.

* The limitation of one boat per buoy doesn’t make sense in many cases.

* Required buoy design is overkill for our Lake.

* Cabins without docks are disallowed shoreline beaching of boats which makes their cabins inaccessible.

* The SMP discriminates against one set of users.

Please write an e-mail to the following list and print a copy to mail in the regular postal mail to FERC, address below.

(For ease, highlight the following list, [command] copy it and [command] paste it into the “To:” field of your e-mail letter.)

















Send a copy of your letter in the mail to FERC at the following address:

Honorable Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

888 First Street, N.E. PJ12.2

Washington, D.C. 20426

Thanks again for your support.


Keri and Allen Green

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Pinecrest Day Use Area Improvement Work Starting This Fall



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SMP_Final_18Jul2012-1 PDF (1.04 MB)

SMP-SSkalski PDF (197KB)

FERC Ltr SMP 7-12 PDF (244KB)

To our Friends of Pinecrest and surrounding areas:

This blog includes the Final Shoreline Management Plan, (SMP). PG&E submitted the SMP to FERC on July 23. The approval process is now in FERC’s hands.

The final version of the SMP contains serious flaws. If implemented, it will forever change historical patterns of boating on Pinecrest Lake. The SMP will have serious and irreversible adverse effects on the ability of recreational users to access and enjoy boating on Pinecrest Lake.

We have included two letters with this mailing. One requests the Forest Service to utilize mediation as a way to resolve the disputes we have with the SMP. The other letter requests that FERC require an Environmental Assessment be conducted on the SMP.

Clearly, our job of getting the SMP into a form that makes sense for Pinecrest is a long way from being done. In our next mailing, we will let you know how we intend to proceed and what you can do to help. We are in dialog with representatives at FERC, and we are also seeking legal counsel.

We’ll talk with you more on e-mail and at the Friends of Pinecrest Annual Meeting, Saturday, August 4, 5:30 p.m., Dodge Ridge. BYOB and a dish to share. We’re looking forward to this time where we’ll strengthen our organization and engage in lively conversation, the sharing of ideas, and new friendships.

Thanks for all you do and will do.


Allen & Keri Green

Allen Green, PE
Friends of Pinecrest
PO Box 1173
Pinecrest, CA 95364


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Barking Dogs

Posting from the past that was requested to be put on the current site.


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