Rate increase for Cold Springs Water as approved by the PUC

Final approval pending.  Click on link for details:


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    Began researching this last spring, from the ~60 page spreadsheet of CSW’s rate hike application.

    I found out that for the last 3 years over 37% of all the treated water CSW produced was unaccounted for (lost).

    This took awhile to sink in!! Here is the data:

    Recorded year
    2009 2010 2011
    Estimated water (CCF’s)

    Total water produced: 23,804 20,426 19,374

    Total water sold: 15,099 12,587 12,129

    Total unaccounted for water: 8,705 7,839 7,245

    Percentage 36.57% 38.38% 37.40%

    Average % unaccounted for water of 3 recorded years: 37. 45%

    Purchased power: $16,549 $18,664 $15,534

    $/CCF produced: $.70 $.91 $.80

    The original advice letter CSW submitted contained significant material errors, including on Sheet II-2a which had been filled out with 0 (zero) unaccounted for water for years 2010 and 2011.

    The number of Flat rate customers at the end of each year:
    2008: 81 (16%)
    2009: 81 (15%)
    2010: 57 (11%)
    2011: 0 (0%)

    The CSW 2011 annual report shows that of the 528 customer meters, only 35 are 10-15 years old, with none older.

    Anyone who wants a copy of the data or my correspondence with CSW and the PUC, please email me at markvanh@sonic.net.

    I love Cold Springs Water, and I believe the Co. has a serious problem with unaccounted for water that largely impacts the production costs ratepayers bear, in addition to the issue of wasted resources.

    The unaccounted for rate problem and CSW’s responses on the issue indicate a management accountability problem that I believe is very relevant to their large rate hike request.

    Next post, a summary of the responses from CSW to questions and unaccounted for water, high power expenses, etc. -Mark

  2. Posted January 4, 2013 at 2:36 pm | Permalink

    Email today from PUC:

    We have redistributed the resolution, extended the comment period and moved the resolution to the 2/13 Commission agenda.

    Check with my staff Eric Van Wambeke if you have further questions. Eric can be reached at evw@cpuc.ca.gov

    Rami Kahlon, Director

    Division of Water and Audits

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