Remembering Cold Springs In the 60s

Submitted by Phil and Lorna Naugle, August 2007.

My father built the cabin at lot 225 on Modoc — sorry, I don’t know the street address. Here’s some history which may be new.

As a young girl in the 60’s, my parents befriended a PG&E employee by the name of Mr. Sardella (spell?) who would tell us of stories of when he was a boy. Our lot was once part of his family’s sheep farm. In fact, when my parents, Bruno & Edith Weiser, purchased the lot for $2,000 in 1960, it was an unsightly plot with barb wire, sheep bones, and broken cups. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to purchase that piece of property, but my father did. We were visiting friends who had a plot adjacent to this one, Zep and Imgard Maier. They wanted the fallen trees that shared the border between the lots for firewood. Although the young men worked all day to move the logs, they were unsuccessful and at that point my father decided to start a new journey and purchased our lot.

As children, there is a path that winds behind our cabin which we would hike all the way to the “boy scout camp”. Remnants of this path remain, although newer areas of Cold Springs have chopped this trail and it is now almost overgrown. Mr. Sardella mentioned his mother would tell him to go to the river and look for gold. They remember returning with gold pieces to help purchase food. This may have been during the depression, although I am not sure.

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